Voice messaging: Introduction

This page will help you get started with the Infobip Voice API. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Service Description

Voice messaging is an automated way to call many people to deliver a voice message that was prerecorded or converted from a text. Also known as Voice SMS or Voice broadcast or robo calling, it delivers voice messages to any fixed or mobile phone in the world. Text2Speech can also record voice or dial pad responses from the called party. Voice messaging helps many companies save money, because it eliminates the need for call centers to spread messages.

Many companies use Voice messaging to inform their customers of their latest promotions and offers. It is especially effective for spreading time sensitive messages like emergency messages, PINs for 2-Factor Authentication, last minute updates, to generate an opinion on a certain matter, send political messages and various other use cases

Developer API

Our Voice messaging API is a simple REST API. For an originating call you submit a POST HTTP request with a well-structured body and in response you get a token with which you can identify the originated call. With that token you can poll for call status, or call for a detailed record (CDR), which is an object containing detailed information about a call.

Our API provide several features, other than just playing a voice message to an end user. You can record an entire call and get a download URL of the recorded file. You can tell us not to stop after just one failed try, and if necessary we will retry the call. You can instruct us to wait for the user to enter one digit, and we will provide you with the user’s input in CDR. Detailed specification can be found in the following pages.