Settings : Introduction

Infobip Settings API enables you to manage your sub accounts and ApiKeys on your existing main Infobip account.


If you don’t have a main Infobip account yet, please visit our Get started page and register your account.

Using the Account API you can add as many sub accounts as you want while having the option to independently enable or disable each sub account. Sub accounts are identified by name and account key.

For easier integration with Infobip services we provide ApiKeys API. ApiKeys are defined by a friendly name for easier management. Using API calls you can easily define validity periods for each ApiKey thus increasing security and decreasing operational support for ApiKey management.

A simple case for using accounts and ApiKeys is when you want to integrate your existing systems with Infobip by cloning your organizational hierarchy using Infobip Accounts and assigning ApiKeys to your existing users. Users can then use Infobip services identified by ApiKeys without the need to provide an additional username or password.