People API Introduction

Target module is built to bring all your customer data together in one place and create detailed customer profiles, including parameters like; channel preferences, tags for precise targeting as well as custom attributes to enrich profiles. The main goal of all these features is to allow you to deliver precisely targeted messages. 

By storing people profiles at the Infobip platform, you eliminate the need of manual import and export of data to every time you want to send a communication - reduce the time for preparing messages and automate that part of your business process. 

To keep profiles up to date, you can use the following API below. 

People API connects your website, CRM, or application with the Infobip's platform. 

TIP: After profiles synchronization is set, you can leverage the benefits of the Flow communications that will be automatically triggered after a person will be updated and specific conditions are met. 

How to Start

  1. Create API key if you don’t have it yet
  2. Use People API to synchronize profiles from your system to Infobip
  3. Organize your audience by using Tags and segment them by any filter you need
  4. Create and Launch your targeted campaign

API Details

Person Management - API methods to create/update/remove person profiles in the Infobip portal
Tags Management  - API methods to create and assigns tags to people profiles
Custom Attributes   - API methods to create custom attributes that can be used per person
Push information     - API methods to manage to push contact information