IVR introduction

This page will introduce you to Infobip's Voice IVR service. Your IVRs can be up and running in a blink of an eye.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been a part of modern telephony for years. IVR can help your business increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

IVR provides a way for your customers to interact with an IVR scenario using telephone DTMF keypads and provide answers or opinions. You can add a welcome message, integrate our IVR solution with your database to verify your client’s data being entered by DTMF, create surveys to get customer feedback, confirm appointments and much more with IVR.

Our IVR solution is available in two flavors – inbound and outbound. IVR allows a great deal of flexibility and enables clients to create numerous scenarios:

Outbound IVR:

  • Multiple questions and answers required for creating:
    • Code verification and a subsequent action depending on the results
    • Surveys with the recording of end users’ opinion
  • Collecting DTMF/response codes from the end user and sending it to client’s API

Inbound IVR:

  • Surveys done via DTMF
  • Surveys recording customer opinions
  • Polls
  • Automation of processes like appointment bookings, appointment confirmations, and package tracking

Ready to get started? Check out the Create IVR page and let’s get started.