Demo applications

Check out our Java and PHP demo applications.

There are several resources that illustrate integration with the Infobip APIs. For starters, dedicated documentation pages for every API endpoint contain code snippets that show how to connect to that specific resource.

Also, our client libraries are publicly available on GitHub and are accompanied with example code detailing their usage. But the most exhaustive code examples can be found in our demo applications.

Demo applications are self-contained, fully functional applications written in several programming languages. They implement API integration from setting up the HTTP client, through making API requests to parsing and interpreting the API responses. Functionality typically found in a demo application consists of sending SMS and fetching delivery confirmation.

Use your Infobip account to login

In order to use the demo application, you will need to provide your Infobip account credentials. If you don’t have an account yet, please follow instruction at the account registration documentation page.

Currently we have demo applications written in 2 languages:

Each application’s code is available at GitHub where you can browse, check it out and/or fork it. For specific details take a look at the project’s respective files, where you can find details on things like requirements, coding approaches, and instruction on running the applications.

Java application

The Java demo application’s code can be found here. You can find instructions on how to check out, compile and run the code yourself in the repository’s

Code documentation

The Java demo application uses detailed code comments to illustrate and explain all the key parts of integrating with the Infobip API. User interface components are contained in dedicated packages so that the business logic code can be used as a guideline for writing server side applications as well.

Additionally, you can download the prepackaged application here. The application does not require any installation and can be run immediately after download.

PHP application

The PHP application’s code can be found here. Note that this repository has 2 branches. The master branch illustrates how to integrate with the Infobip API manually, while the above linked api-client-example branch uses the PHP client library to make the HTTP API calls.


The PHP demo application is accompanied by a fully-fledged, step by step tutorial you can follow to recreate the app. You can find the tutorial text in the repositories file, or on our blog.