Conversations - Early Access

Welcome to Infobip's Conversations service.

Conversation solution allows Enterprises to engage in conversations with their customers over multiple channels. The solution is available either as a web-based cloud platform Infobip Portal or over HTTP API with the following functionality:

  • 2-Way messaging over SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook messenger
  • Conversation threading 
  • Conversation management: queues and routing, agent assignment, resolution management, history overview

The solution includes automated conversations over IVR and click bots, broadcast messaging and customer segmentation. For more details on automated communication, journeys read Flow management and Flow API. Detailed insight into customer management and segmentation is available over the People module and People API.

Conversation is a thread or container for messages exchanged between Customer and Agent.

Message is either an inbound or outbound message exchanged between agent and customer within one conversation.

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