Click to call

Convert web based traffic into a live voice call using Infobip's Click to call service.

The number of Internet users is growing day by day but we still prefer to talk with a real person to help us solve our problems. That’s still the most efficient way to resolve a problem a client has and also provides an excellent customer experience.
Click to call service might be used to improve your sales leads since interested client might receive a call from a sales person and get all the information needed to make up its mind and finalize a purchase.

In the simplest Click to call solution, you should provide a web dialog form on your web page where end users enter their phone number and requests a call by clicking the Call me button. This action will initiate, over your platform, an API request to Infobip's Click to call service that dials the end user and other third parties e.g. your Sales or Support agent, and initiates a conversation between them.

In more sophisticated use cases, your platform already has information about the end user number since the end user requesting the call is a registered user of your platform so there is no need for the end user to enter this information and should just press the Call me button.

This is a basic diagram of the service flow:

The order in which the calls will be made is adjustable and you can define dialing either on your side or the end user side first by defining it as a destinationA parameter.

Also, once the end user answers the call an audio file containing useful information e.g. about the agent that will enter the call might be played. The file might be a prerecorded audio file or a text to speech converted file.